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; vase, 13cm h; bowl, 8cm h 14cm dia; tall vase, 27cm h
; vase, 14cm h; tall jug, 25cm h; vase, 11cm h
; jug, 12cm h; candlestick, 29cm h; vase, 15cm h
; jug, 13cm h; loving cup, 15cm h; herb pot, 10cm h
; geese vase; 11-22cm h
; geese dish; 24x17cm, 3cm h
; mouse bowl; 10cm h, 26cm dia
; mouse dish; 24x17cm, 3cm h
; stoppered pouring bottle; 18cm h; geese vase; 20cm h
; shallow bowl; earthenware; 30cm dia
; shallow geese bowl, 4cm h 18cm dia; bowl, 6cm h 15cm dia; goblet, 16cm h
; shallow geese bowl; 26cm dia
; jug, 11cm h; jug, 14cm h; vase, 28cm h
; pots with handles; 10cm h
; shallow dish with handles; 31cm dia
; bowl, 31cm dia; jug, 16cm h; lidded pot, 10cm h
; tall jug, 28cm h; mug, 11cm h
; pot with handles; 9-14cm h
; shallow dish with handles; 31cm dia
; geese bowl, 6cm h, 16cm dia; geese vase, 13cm h; geese lidded pot, 20cm h
; mouse bowl, 6cm h, 16cm dia
; bird dishes; earthenware
; rabbit dishes; earthenware
; oblong dish with fish; earthenware
; bird vases with handles; earthenware
; oblong dish with birds; earthenware
; fish bowl; earthenware;
; candlesticks & birds; earthenware