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; small bowl; earthenware; 5.5cm h
; bowl; earthenware; 10cm h, 26cm dia; 13.5cm h, 33cm dia;
; square plate; earthenware; 18x18cm
; square plate; earthenware; 18x18cm
; tall vase; earthenware; 26cm h
; faceted bowl; earthenware; 11cm h
; square plate; earthenware; 27x27cm
; square plate; earthenware; 21x21cm
; large square dish; earthenware; 42x42cm
; earthenware mug; flat bowl
; plate; earthenware; 27cm dia
; rectangular dish (great for salmon); earthenware; 53x20cm
; large plate; earthenware; 37cm dia
; bamboo dish; earthenware; 37x13 7cm h
; vase; earthenware; 14cm h
; souffle dish; earthenware; 15cm dia
; tulip bowl; earthenware; 13cm high
; Pandora's Box; earthenware; 37cm h
; teapot; earthenware; 25cm high
; large square dish; earthenware; 46x46cm