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Links to Peter Lochhead's current pieces
; Flower Design; fruit bowl, 6.5cm h, 27cm dia; pasta bowl, 15cm h 25cm dia; dessert bowl, 7.5cm h 15cm dia
; Flower Design; small teapot, 15cm h; larger mugs, 9.5cm h
; Stripe & Flower Designs; dinner plate, 27cm dia; dessert bowls, 7.5cm h 14cm dia
; Flower Design; side plate, 19cm dia; dinner plate, 27cm dia; butter bell, 13cm h
; Flower Design; fruit bowl, 6.5cm h 27cm dia
; Flower Design; fluted bowls; small, 6cm h, 14cm dia; medium, 9cm h, 23cm dia
; Flower Design; small jug, 10cm h; large teapot, 18cm h; sugar bowl, 6cm h
; Gull Design; Spoon Rest, 1.5cm h, 14.5cm dia; Tapas Dish, 3cm h, 14.5cm dia
; Gull Design; dish, 5cm h 16cm dia; mug, 10cm h; small jug, 10cm h
; Gull Design; bowl with handles, 10cm h; bowl, 7cm h, 14cm dia; fruit bowl, 7cm h, 28cm dia
; Gull Design; cream jug, 9cm h; mug, 10cm h; vase, 16cm h
; Gull Design; dish, 5cm h 16cm dia; ramekin, 5.5cm h, 10cm dia; bowl with earthenware handle, 15cm h, 12cm dia
; Stripe Design; milk jug, 14cm h; cream jug, 9cm h; sugar bowl, 6cm h, 11cm dia
; Stripe Design; small teapot, 16cm h, 20cm w; large mug, 9.5cm h; small mug, 8.5cm h
; Stripe Design; fruit bowl, 6.5cm h, 27cm dia