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; Staithes Bank; etching; 12x21cm;
; Staithes Rooftops; etching; 18x24cm;
; Staithes Steps; drypoint; 15x20cm;
; Kipper; drypoint; 17x12cm;
; Fortunes; etching; 17x19cm;
; Lobster; etching; 17x25cm;
; Hummersea Cliffs; etching; 15x25cm;
; Smokehouse, Whitby; etching; 21x29cm;
; Fishermens Huts, Skinningrove; etching; 24x28cm;
; Runswick Bay; etching; 24x26cm;
; Lone Tree, etching; 19x29cm;
; Hummersea; etching; 21x29cm;
; Rising Mist; etching; 17x28cm;
; Sandsend Cottages; etching; 18x15cm;
; Crab; etching; 19x21cm;
; Cleveland Coast Road; etching; 29x39cm;
; Sandsend; etching; 28x34cm;
; Church Street, Staithes; etching; 25x19cm;
; Evening Light Whitby; etching; 32x42cm;
; Ginnel, Robin Hood's Bay; etching; 26x14cm;
; Staithes Cliffs; etching; 14x19.5cm;
; Grape Lane, Whitby; etching; 14x18.5cm;
; Cornfields; etching; 12x28cm;
; Staithes Quayside; etching; 18x24cm
; Staithes Nab; etching; 26.5x12cm
; Sandsend Nocturne; etching; 24x38cm;
; Lythe Bank Winter; etching; 23.5x38.5cm;
; Sun & Shade, Robin Hood's Bay; etching; 21x15cm;
; The Valley, Sandsend; etching; 21x28cm;
; Jurassic Coast; etching; 21x30cm;
; Staithes Cottages; drypoint; 13x16cm;
; West Pier Whitby; etching; 25x17cm;
; Port Mulgrave; etching; 16x43cm;
; Staithes Beck; etching; 10x15cm;
; Descending Steps Whitby; etching; 10x15cm;
; Cleveland Cornfields; etching; 13x18cm;
; Last Light, Robin Hood's Bay; etching; 20x28cm;
; Whitby Abbey; etching; 25x39cm;
; Staithes Privies; etching; 19x15cm;
; Boulby Cliffs, Cleveland; etching; 25x34cm;
; 'Thou shall hev a fishy...'; etching; 19x28cm;
; Cobles and Huts, Skinningrove; etching; 16x32cm;
; Steelmaking, Redcar; etching; 23x30cm;
; Shipyard Whitby; etching; 30x20cm;
; Shipbuilding Whitby; etching; 23x29cm;
; Mothballed Power Station Redcar; etching; 30x26cm;
; Cranes Hartlepool; etching; 31x14cm;
; Night Shift Redcar Steelworks; etching; 24x34cm;
; Transporter Bridge Middlesbrough; etching; 41x23cm;
; 'Harvest Oil' Platform; etching;
; Under Tyne Bridge; etching;
; Cliffs from Port Mulgrave; etching; 25x40cm;
; Towards Whitby; oil; 12.5x26.5cm; SOLD