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; Evening Rounders on The Beach; oil; 13x17cm;
; Sunrise over Whitby; oil; 29x37cm;
; Harvest near Goldsborough; oil; 29x37cm;
; Autumn Staithes from Roxby; oil; 15x20cm;
; A Summer Morning near York; oil; 15x20cm;
; Winter at Kairn Dykes; oil; 15x20cm;
; First Light - Whitby Harbour; oil; 15x20cm; SOLD
; Winter at Egton; oil; 15x20cm;
; A Summer Afternoon at Raw; oil; 15x20cm; SOLD
; A School Party on Whitby Beach; oil; 16x16cm; SOLD
; Morning Light on Whitby Harbour; oil; 15x20cm; SOLD
; A Late Summer Evening on Whitby Beach; oil; 15x20cm; SOLD
; Harvest above Robin Hood's Bay; oil; 15x20cm;
; Sunrise Sandsend; oil; 29x36cm; SOLD
; Morning Light Sandsend; oil; 23x28cm; SOLD
; Late Evening Sandsend; oil; 29x36cm;
; A Late Summer Evening from Chalet 89; oil; 22x29cm;
; Lane at Goldsborough; oil; 23x29cm;
; Daybreak at Newholm; oil; 29x37cm;