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; Rooftops at Staithes; oil; 18x25cm;
; Hawsker Lighthouse; oil; 18x25cm;
; Reflections at Low Tide; oil; 18x25cm; SOLD
; Morning at Newholm; oil; 18x25cm;
; Cottages at Runswick; oil; 30x25cm;
; Early Spring Goldsborough; oil; 18x20cm; SOLD
; The Valley Sandsend; oil; 20x25cm;
; 'Over the Edge' Sandsend Ness; oil; 30x25cm;
; Above The Valley Sandsend; oil; 20x25cm
; High Aspect, Sandsend; oil; 25x30cm;
; The Ness at Low Tide; oil; 20x30cm;
; Sunrise over Ravenscar; oil; 25x35cm; SOLD
; Summer at Runswick Bay; oil; 30x40cm;
; Beach Friends; oil; 20x25c
; Gathering Clouds, Robin Hood's Bay; oil; 20x25cm; SOLD
; Quiet Path, Runswick; oil; 18x20cm; SOLD
; On the Shoreline, Sandsend; oil; 25x35cm; SOLD
; Summer Light, Sandsend Ness; oil; 25x30cm;
; Pannett Park, Whitby; oil; 25x30cm
; Low Water Sandsend; oil; 30x40cm;
; Dusk, East Row Beck; oil; 25x30cm; SOLD