The work of Anne Thornhill can be found at
Links to Anne Thornhill's current pieces
with her large oil painting 'Whitby ~ West to East'
; Dance of the Wind & Waves; acrylic A1312; 14x25cm;
; Rievaulx Ruin; acrylic A1334; 20x11cm;
; Seagulls in the Surf; acrylic A1371; 33x54cm;
; Sea Fret Swirling; acrylic A1375; 52x46cm; 600 - March 2014
; Night on The Tyne; oil on canvas A1389; 100x150cm; 2,500 - April 2014
; Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee Chim Chim Cheroo....... Dancing on the Rooftops; acrylic A1355; 38x26cm; 390 - July 2014
; Overarching Optimism; acrylic A1399; 45x34cm; SOLD
; Red Roofs; acrylic A1403; 42x32cm;
; Mayhem at The Moorings; acrylic A1409; 40x58cm;
; The Solitary Tree; acrylic A1395; 19x13cm;
; On the Egton Road; acrylic A1402; 33x53cm;
; Whitby Windows; acrylic A1404; 42x32cm;
; Bay Views; acrylic A1408; 38x56cm; SOLD
; A Moment at the Moorings; acrylic A1407; 36x53cm;
; Tideline Tracery; acrylic A1431; 34x23cm;
; All Along the Tidelines; acrylic A1420; 33x23cm; SOLD
; The Remains of the Wave; acrylic A1429; 33x24cm; SOLD
; Ghosts of the Tideline; acrylic A1423; 17x37cm; SOLD
; Sunshine on the Tidelines; acrylic A1428; 17x34cm;
; Coming in Strong; acrylic A1421; 17x34cm; SOLD
; Standing Firm - towards Whitby; acrylic A1427; 17x37cm; SOLD
; March of the Breakwaters; acrylic A1425; 19x34cm; SOLD
; Drama on the Seashore; acrylic A1422; 19x37cm; 295 SOLD
; Moorings in the Upper Harbour; acrylic A1406; 28x42cm; SOLD
; The Swing Bridge; acrylic A1414; 34x43cm;
; Rhythm of the Moors; acrylic A1415; 17x32cm; SOLD
; Fragmentation Fields; acrylic A1258; 36x51cm; SOLD
; Sandsend & The Incoming Tide; acrylic A1442; 24x36cm; SOLD