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; pourers with inlaid and brush-applied decoration; porcelain; 11cm h;
; beakers with inlaid and brushed-on decoration; porcelain; 12cm h;
; black beakers, 8cm h; 12
; inky blue bowls with red rim; 15cm h 22cm dia, 120; 12cm h 18cm dia, 70; 6 cm h 10cm dia, 30
; brown bowls with blue rim; 12cm h 18cm dia, 70; 6cm h 10cm dia, 30; 3cm h 15cm dia, 30
; small deep bowls, 7cm h; 30 each
; grey work with orange rim; deep bowl, 11cm h; mug, 9.5cm h; pourer, 11cm h,
; coffee cups; 8cm h; 18 each - all sold
; lidded jar; 12cm h, 8cm dia;
; espresso mug; 5.5cm h, 5cm dia;
; teapot; 17cm h, 24cm dia, 1.8lit;
; lidded jar; 10cm h, 12cm dia;
; small mug; 8cm h, 7cm dia;