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Heather Davies

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Heather is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Heather cannot recall a time in her life when she was not being creative, concentrating on drawing before she developed a fascination with paint and colour. The landscape is an important influence, and her move several years ago from Staithes to Cumbria has provided inspiration in different ways. Heathers work has featured regularly in exhibitions and she is a member of The Lake Artists Society.

Although she often uses watercolour because of the translucency achieved with this medium, Heather has consciously changed the way she works with watercolour because she feels that traditional techniques limited her options. She is more concerned with her response to a subject than producing a painting which shows the absolute mastery of a medium and feels that there is "continual struggle going on between depicting what is actually there and the effect the subject is having on me".

Heather often starts with a sketch done outside in the landscape and then develops it later in the studio, "sometimes when I work out of doors other interesting elements come into play. I feel it may be ones subconscious gaining the upper hand. I find I make marks which I could never attain in the studio".

Click here to visit Heather's website