Heather Gatt

Batik is a challenging and, to some extent, an unpredictable medium. The layering of one dye colour over another working from light to dark needs careful consideration. Heather's batiks are mostly inspired by light and the way that a certain quality of light can add drama to any subject.

Hot molten wax is painted onto areas of the cloth cotton. The remaining unwaxed cloth is then dyed and left to dry. More wax is added, followed by further dye applications to build up the colours, in between waxing, in successive layers. The wax resists the watery dye. Eventually, the batik is slipped into a vat of boiling water and the wax floats off, to reveal the dyed image beneath. This is an exciting moment and the culmination of a lengthy process.

Heather works in Whitby's Green Lane Centre and lives just across the road. Her self-taught fascination with batik began nearly 30 years ago, and she is now a member of the Batik Guild. Heather's batiks have been purchased for public and private collections, and published in several books on batik.

In June 2005 her work was selected for exhibition at The World Batik Conference in Boston USA, where she won The Batik Guild of Great Britain Award for her piece entitled 'Seascape After Storm'.

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