Ashraf Hanna

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Ashraf is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Ashraf creates ceramics that are inextricably linked to the forms and techniques of the ancient world, yet utterly contemporary in their personality. In trying to achieve that balance he says that "the prospects of the interaction between the precision of my designs and the spontaneity of the fire always excites me." 

"Although the technique of raku is seemingly simple it is one that is laborious and often fraught with difficulties. A successful piece is essentially the result of a collaboration between design and chance, precision and spontaneity, artist and the elements, for it is the flames which ultimately breathe life into the work."

Elected to a Fellowship of the Craft Potters' Association in 2002, Ashraf has achieved a national reputation. He exhibits both at ceramics fairs across the country and gallery shows. His work is held in the collections of the National Museum of Wales, Contemporary Arts Society for Wales, Royal Bank of Scotland and Rufford Ceramic Centre.

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