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Peter M Hicks

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Peter is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Peter Hicks has pursued a career as a professional painter for many years. He was head of a large Art Department at Queen Elizabeth College, Darlington and lectured extra mural for Durham and Hull Universities.

"I work out of need and towards some kind of fulfilment. My perception is caught between figuration and abstraction, in a world where hints, hopes and promises abound. It aims at a coming together and promises an amalgam of many things the known or familiar, an aspiration, a shared moment, or a memory. My stimulus remains the environment, particularly from places where thoughts intervene, etching their own patina upon familiar objects. The aim is to be a clear transparency to the ideas that come to thought."

"His sweeping landscapes of the moors and coast in all seasons and weathers describe and explore the fall of light and cloud-shadow over immense rolling distances. Although his paintings are usually specific to particular places, they are abstracted in the making until their poetic, visionary qualities become uppermost. The layered depths in these landscapes correspond to the layers of memory and association connected with the familiar places." Quote from 'the elemental north' exhibition at Messum's, Cork Street, London - Jenny Pery - Author and Art Historian

Click here to visit Peter's website