Sylvia Holmes

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Sylvia is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

April 2016 - The following are currently stocking Sylvia's work:

Sylvia trained initially as a painter and then worked as a medical illustrator, and what started as a means of relaxation quickly began to take over her life.  After completing several ceramics courses she set up her own workshop in Thixendale in the Yorkshire Wolds in 2009.

Sylvia enjoys using layers of texture, line and colour to create rich, evocative surfaces on simple thrown or hand-built stoneware forms.  Inspiration can come from anywhere, from tyre tracks in snow to nerve transmission diagrams, from lichens growing on logs to satellite imagery.

Sylvia mostly makes dish and plate forms, wall pieces, lidded containers in various sizes and shapes and small sculptural vessels.  Stained vitreous slip, along with small amounts of crackle, volcanic and dry glaze is applied to the surface of bone-dry stoneware forms.  After bisque firing, the pieces are patinated to bring out the various surface textures, interiors are simply glazed if necessary, and then further work is done to enliven the surface before the pieces are fired to approximately 1240° in an electric kiln.

Sylvia’s interest in ceramics has developed in an unusual way and this is reflected in the colourful and intriguing pieces that she creates.

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