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Graham Lowe

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Graham is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Graham's catalogue of work comprises mainly landscapes and some still life, produced in toned Black & White with some one-off pieces having hand colouring applied. He has gained recognition for his landscapes in and around his native North Yorkshire, with a number of successful exhibitions to date in the North of England, as well as having work in many private collections around the world.

The prints are all hand produced by traditional 'wet' photography methods. The nature of the toning process ensures that each print is unique. Graham's style has been described as 'expressionistic', 'painterly' & 'atmospheric'. His style derives from painstaking work through both the development and printing stages, to draw out the depth of feeling the landscape inspires and for which his work has become renowned.

Graham is making increasing use of toy cameras for the unique and atmospheric qualities they can impart to the image. He also has a catalogue of rock music pictures taken in the late '60s, early '70s of some of Rock 'n' Roll's iconic figures - names such as The Who, Free, Tyrannosaurus Rex and others feature.

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