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Christine Pybus

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Christine is doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Christine’s reputation became established when she ran her own gallery in Whitby for nearly ten years.  After she sold the gallery in 2007 Christine was able to concentrate more on her own work and develop her expertise as a specialist in the works of The Staithes Group.

ristine paints in both oil and watercolour; her pictures are almost always completed on location and she is often seen painting in the most difficult of weather conditions!  Christine says that when she heads out to work it is very rare for her to have any preconceived idea of where or what she intends to paint as her choice is “governed purely by the light.  Although I know from experience where it is likely to be good at certain times of day I am always influenced by the prevailing weather”.

She says that whilst she is guided by the scene in front of her it is not her primary concern, “rather capturing the light, movement and colour to create a picture that excites me as opposed to an exact representation of that scene.”  Christine enjoys using that extra dimension afforded by thick paint combined with immediate brush-marks, a style which particularly lends itself to many of her favourite subjects, billowing clouds, sparkling water and deep, crisp snow.

Click here to visit Christine's website