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Above & Beyond

We are pleased to welcome back Richard Pottas and Pollie & Garry Uttley to the Turnstone Gallery for our autumn exhibition.  The common thread in this exhibition is the influence of other countries; the rich colours, the different climates and the changing patterns.

Richardís use of watercolour has undergone many changes but the last ten years has seen him concentrate increasingly on interpreting surface pattern as found in vegetation.  Work produced from visits to the South of France showing the effects of heat on plant form are then developed, further concentrating on surface pattern and layering, and eventually stylised into geometric repetitive pattern.  Richard acknowledges the debt he owes to aspects of Japanese and Chinese art in the realisation of some of his work.  End products are produced in series and create challenging, though at the same time subtle, surface pattern.

It started with a journey for Pollie & Garry.  In 1995 they landed in India for the first time and this marked the start of a fascination with the country and its tribal textiles.  Since then there have been many return journeys.  It is the richness, vitality and colour of the textiles that provide constant inspiration.  Having a major exhibition 'Indian Inspirations' at the Rufford Craft Centre Gallery in 2014 gave them the opportunity to develop their work further and it has moved away from the purely textile influence to a much wider appreciation of the colour of everyday life and the many festivals as well as the art forms to be found in tribal decoration.  
India has influenced them in every way in the development of their ceramic work, initially with its vibrant tribal textiles and in the development of a wide variety of wall panels, bowls and platters from the never ending rich colour and pattern.

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