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Old Friends ~ New Tricks

Elsie Wigmore introduces the Exhibition:

80th Birthday - Big Event!

Harry and Bridget have given me a wonderful opportunity to celebrate it by having a show of my work with a few of my many talented friends:

Andrea Bailey, Elisabeth Bailey, Paul Blackwell, Jean Cunion, John Egerton, Peter Hicks, Christine Pybus & Anne Thornhill

came to this area 26 years ago and was delighted by the wealth of creativity and number of talented artists.  I had the good fortune to make many friends and was mentored by gifted professionals.

I have had a long career teaching, mainly ceramics in Sheffield schools and in the adolescent unit of a psychiatric hospital in Middlesbrough.  When I retired I took up painting in water colours and concentrated on cliff scenes and flower pictures in this medium. Over the years I have taken part in exhibitions held locally in Whitby and North Yorkshire, at the Ferens Gallery, Hull and with the RNLI. Throughout this time I was also dedicated to life drawing.  In fact I have been drawing people – imaginary or from life – for the past 75 years and it is central to my work now.

I work in charcoal, conte and pastel on a variety of papers using selected models. Sometimes I take these drawings and work them further, enhancing, using my own creative style, over a period of time.

All art is eclectic and I cannot really define where my influences come from but I am certain that it is the excitement of the next drawing or picture that keeps me ‘ticking’.”

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