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Drawn to the Sea

Turnstone Gallery at Sandsend is making the most of its coastal location with its latest exhibition ‘Drawn to the Sea’.  It gives an opportunity to two gallery artists, Heather Davies and Steve Tomlinson, to explore this theme in depth and it marks a welcome ‘first’ for the gallery, a display of jewellery by Thalia Tomlinson.

Heather’s work for the most part hovers between figuration and a world formed from within the media, an area fertile with limitless possibilities.  Her considerable strength in drawing enables her to understand and control her materials, shaping them to carry her ideas. She is a painter on an adventure, able to challenge herself yet share with others the thrill of her experience.

Steve’s work is an expression of one aspect of our relationship with the sea, our tendency to stand and stare out to sea.  He is concerned with capturing the many moods of a seascape, but he also uses the imagery as a reflection of our inner feelings and states of mind.

Thalia is inspired by natural materials and found objects.  Her connection to the sea shows itself in her response to natural colours. She uses semi-precious beads from around the world as well as glass, pearls, buttons, felt and vintage beads.

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