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Pollie & Garry Uttley

Now that the Turnstone Gallery has permanently closed you can keep up with what Pollie & Garry are doing by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Pollie & Garry's first visit to India in 1995, after careers in Art Education, had an immediate and lasting impact. It was the start of a fascination with the country and its tribal textiles. They return to India every year and have run workshops and taught at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

The colour, vitality and richness of the textiles have provided a constant source of inspiration for their ceramics. Surface decoration and pattern are the stimuli rather than the form. Pollie & Garry portray this using a combination of techniques, including screen and mono printing, applying and impressing clay, using stamps, decals and raku firing. After glazing gold highlights are added, along with mirror glass, coins and bells to complete the 'textile' effect.

Pollie and Garry's richly decorated work communicates their passion for Indian tribal textiles and patchwork quilts in such a vivid and original way that it captures completely the imagination of the onlooker.

click here to visit Pollie & Garry's website